Joyful Memories

Waterfall June 2015I learned a great lesson at Tai Chi class yesterday. Before class my husband Steve and I went hiking with one of our sons and a couple of grandchildren, as part of our goal to create memories and focus on joy. So I was pretty tired in Tai Chi class but forged ahead. For the last 10 minutes our instructor said we should “be like water” as we did the form. Flowing. Cooling. Smooth. So I started doing the form and focusing on water reminded me of when I played in the sprinklers with my grandkids the other day. A peaceful feeling of pure joy took over. I got a smile on my face, and although I was exhausted, it didn’t bother me. I was joyful. The lesson I learned is that sometimes when things seem boring, bothersome, sad, hopeless, etc. I can lean on previous memories of joy. That makes a difference. And joyful memories are energizing. So I am glad Steve and I are looking to make joyful memories, to keep us fueled for what could be a rocky road ahead as he travels his journey through cancer.  I am sharing the following poem by my favorite poet. Thanks Jen! I love the last line: Joyous, free, and wild. That’s our goal.

The moment on the diving board
Before making a splash
Opening the clothes dryer
And finding extra cash-
Doing yoga with the dog
Dancing with a child
An honoring of spirit
Joyous, free, and wild~

Jen Reich
Phoenix, AZ 5-30-14

Tomorrow Steve will see his urologist to see if his urinary bleeding and pain can be controlled. He’s been tired lately but is following his alternative therapy protocols (aloe vera, antioxidants, meditation…) with a positive attitude. We are looking forward to visits from out-of-state friends and family next month. Smokey Robinson concert on July 11 – wahoo – always nice to have something to look forward to.


3 thoughts on “Joyful Memories

  1. Thanks Glenda for sharing your journey and my poem! I know you will be busting a groove at Smokey 🙂 Here’s to many happy moments

    Happy Being

    Leap into adventure
    Fall into the dance
    For this one life is your calling
    And right now is your chance-
    So when the critics greet you
    To hit you with the “shoulds”
    Take a breath and smile
    And then go seek your good~

    Jen Reich
    Flagstaff, AZ 4-15-14

    • Seriously Jen I love all of your poems. You haven’t sent a single one that doesn’t put a smile on my face and makes me appreciate life and love.
      Thanks so much.

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