Knowing, Doing, Being

know be do2My husband and I have been interested in how learning and living progress from Knowing and  Doing to Being. For example, I KNOW about my husband’s diagnosis and prognosis, and I DO things to take care of him. But my goal is to BE his companion and caregiver through this healing journey. When I operate from the space of BEING then I use less energy, have more peace, and am grounded and pretty happy. I get out  of my head (knowing) and body (doing) and function from my heart (being). Today I will take him for his first radiation treatment. Well, it’s a “dry run” really, no radiation yet. But I can focus on the DOING  art of it – getting him ready, getting him out the door, helping him get undressed for the procedure, driving, and on and on…. Or I can focus on just BEING with my husband, and enjoying the time we have together.

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