Leaving Yoga

I did tai chi in my room today and it felt great. Then I went to a yoga class. I used to do yoga regularly so thought I would give it a go. Well, the teacher was great but I was in pain the whole time. I asked myself why I stayed, what was my purpose for torturing myself? When my friend Joyce got up and left I felt relieved and followed her out. We had a lovely breakfast together. But really, why did I wait until she left yoga to give myself permission to leave? How often do I stay in painful situations or relationships waiting for the “right time ” to leave?


2 thoughts on “Leaving Yoga

  1. I also tend to wait for “permission” to leave situation I am uncomfortable with too. I work on owning my voice and being more assertive when needed, however I still find myself suffering and staying until someone else does something about it. Thank you for the introspective questions on why do we do the things we do. Glenda you are such an inspiration to me! Love ya, Peggy

    • Thanks Peggy. So good to hear from you. Talk about inspiration, you changed my life. I love you.

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