Let the Path Reveal Itself

Garden Path and GateI am still exploring how we use metaphor in our lives, to gain understanding of our world and to communicate with one another. I blogged about metaphors such as “I felt like I was thrown under the bus,”: and how my knee pain was “telling” me to  “slow down.” Well yesterday, I was talking to a dear friend about a decision I want to make about “next steps” (that’s a metaphor!) in my life. She said, “Let the path reveal itself.”  Wow! For some unconscious reason, that little phrase really helped me to understand just what I should do. Be patient. Let things unfold. Once again, the metaphor said so much more that “trying to figure things out,” which is want I do a lot. The metaphor just made things fall into place. OK, yes, falling into place is also a metaphor. They are everywhere!

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