Life Happens Fast

I was sad to hear about my friend Lourdes being in the hospital. I have been asked to take her place as a speaker at the Scripps Integrative and Holistic Nursing Conference this weekend in San Diego. I am excited to mingle again with like-minded healthcare professionals in California. Fortunately Lourdes has PowerPoint slides already put together so I just need to work my speech around that. I hope I can deliver up to her standards.
Life happens fast. I was planning to get my kitchen, garage and living room reorganized this weekend, recovering from the remodel that’s not quite done yet. And then my grandson and I were going to start the Whole30 diet on Sunday. We will put that off until Tuesday. I keep thinking life will slow down but so far it just keeps happening. So I keep putting off starting the diet. I am doing it so I can eat more healthy food. I have been eating a lot of junk food, getting ready to give it up, and I don’t feel so great. When will I learn? Junk food is not good for me!!!!
This morning at their request I led a small group of nursing students in a relaxation exercise just before they took a final exam. I’ve been studying more lately about the relaxation response. It has so many benefits. It will help students do better on exams, and enhance their immune systems, lower blood pressure, and many other things. I would like to do some research on student stress. Perhaps I could start offering relaxation sessions regularly and see what the students have to say about whether or not the intervention works. Facilitating relaxation sessions is a win win because I feel relaxed myself when guiding the students. I have a  great job!

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