Life Lessons

tai chi red imageI really love my Tai Chi class. It is my gift to myself, to take care of me and have some “present moment” time, not thinking about the past or the future. Just being. My teacher is awesome. He asks us questions that have taught me many lessons. For example, today he asked us what we are good at in Tai Chi. My answer was that I was really good at a specific movement. But the more I considered the question, I decided that I was good at showing up. I attend class and give it all my attention and engage 100%. And it’s good for me.  The teacher said a few minutes later that I give all day and Tai Chi was a time for me to receive. So true, and depends on me showing up. On Monday as I did the form, I realized that I was going from one “pose” to the next without enjoying the transition moves. This really hit me. Am I enjoying my journey in life, or only focusing on destinations? Am I focusing on my husband’s negative prognosis instead of showing up for this journey we are taking together? I’ve said that we are taking one day at a time. I think it might be better to embrace one day at a time. It’s time to quit thinking about the future and embrace what is.

Update: My husband Steve entered the hospital yesterday with a fever of 104.4 from a urinary tract infection. He’s getting IV antibiotics and is expected to come home tomorrow if his fever comes down, but it’s at 101.8 tonight. He has a great deal of pain in his pelvic bones while walking so they will send him home with a walker.

One thought on “Life Lessons

  1. Glenda, sending love and healing prayers for ease and comfort to Steve. I don’t always comment, but know I keep you in my heart daily. Blessings, Jen
    A Now-ing

    There will come a time
    There will come a day
    Yet now is all there ever is
    And now can never stay-
    So invite the moment boldly
    Or offer it some tea
    And taste the peace of all that’s here
    So you are truly free~

    Jen Reich
    Phoenix, AZ 5-22-15

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