Life Moves On

Office stand upLife is moving fast right now. Taking 2 weeks off in the middle of a semester has created a boat load of work at home and at work. I got all caught up, then my son Andy and his family came to visit. So I will be putting in long hours for the next few days.  I will be back on track by Friday. The good news is that Andy helped me reconfigure my home office so that now I stand up and work on my computer. I love it! I stand up for awhile, sit down for awhile, stand back up. It’s great. I don’t feel like a couch potato. Grading papers is not so exhausting. Working from home has its challenges due to so many interruptions but I am getting in the rhythm now. I  teach two online courses and one on ground course so usually only go to campus once a week. I work with great people and my students are brilliant.

In the grocery store this evening I ran into a neighbor who just lost her husband. Things have really turned around. I felt like I was able to listen and give her comfort, which so many people did for me. Life moves on…



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  1. Love the office. I will have to look seriously at mine. You are right, life moves on. You look great, and I’m glad you are finding your place. I

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