#Light the World

light-the-worldI’ve been following the Light the World activity, where I do what Jesus did for 25 days of Christmas. It’s been fun, and gives me something to do that takes my mind off my own concerns by focusing on others. I especially liked the one that said, “Jesus honored his parents and so can you.” I called my mother-in-law (the best mother-in-law EVER) and we had a wonderful chat. Another challenge was to post my favorite scripture on social media. So I posted “Be still and know that I am God” on Facebook. I was surprised at the large, positive response it got. A lot of people like that scripture. Today’s challenge says that “Jesus visited the lonely and so can you.” Ways to get involved are things like visiting a nursing home, or inviting a widow to go out. So I contacted a widowed friend and arranged for us to go to a Christmas program together this Sunday. Task checked off. Last night my married friend called and asked me to go with her family to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert. Tickets are hard to get and she got an extra one. I don’t think she is doing the Light the World activity, but I appreciate the invitation. Although it is very rewarding being a giver in this, I feel very rewarded being a recipient of someone’s kindness. I’m learning from both perspectives. Weekends are lonely, and December is hitting me a bit hard because it’s the first Christmas season without my husband, and he just loved Christmas. So thank you, Light the World, and thanks to my girlfriend for asking me out. And thanks Jesus for showing me the way.

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