lillies When I first met my son’s future wife, it was springtime and she gave me a Lilly, which I  planted in my front yard. Last year when she was anxious to get pregnant, I pointed out that the Lilly now had 2 flowers and a bud, representing mom, dad, and new baby. She announced her pregnancy soon after that.  This year she is pregnant again and the Lilly has 2 flowers and 2 buds, representing mom, dad, and their 2 kids. Isn’t  this fun? We can find symbolism and metaphor all around us, enriching life and adding a smile.

One thought on “Lillies

  1. Oh how sweet and how beautiful the flower is.
    Praying for you and for Steve….he has quite the cancer challenge that he is facing and really the whole family….

    Blessings in abundance to you


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