Live in the Present Moment

transportationI have had a great time at the American Nurses Association Membership Assembly in Arlington, Virginia. I met a great holistic nurse, professional speaker and best-selling author named Aila Accad. She has a new book out about how to be soul-centered and open to whatever comes, listening to the spirit to guide us. Check out her website.

I had a lovely time riding an Amtrak train for the first time ever, to get to the Baltimore airport. The ride was scenic and relaxing. When I arrived at the airport feeling optimistic and refreshed, I found out that my flight has been delayed FIVE HOURS. Well I tried to find another flight out but everything is sold out. So now my choice is to whine and complain or just make the best of it. Instead of worrying and complaining I will enjoy the down time. I’m going to get a massage, read a lot, stroll around and be in the present moment. Wish me luck! After all, how often am I given a gift of 5 hours to do whatever I want? This is stress management at its finest. I will remember what Aila said, and follow wherever the spirit guides.

ANA Membership Assembly with Aila Accad

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