Living Longer

I went to dinner and a movie on Friday night with two of my girlfriends who are also widowed. At the restaurant after the movie we just talked and talked about our mutual and also unique experiences losing our husbands and adjusting to single life. It was relaxing to spend time with each other. We innately understood each other and what it’s like to be on this journey. We met each other about 30 years ago when we lived in the same neighborhood in Kearns, Utah. We were married, having babies and raising kids. We have all moved away from the old neighborhood but have stayed in touch all these years. What a great blessing. Just last week I was able to call one of them and talk about an upsetting incident that happened. It was related to the fact that sometimes people just don’t understand that although widowed, we are strong and independent women and don’t need to be pitied, or someone’s service project. She totally understood. I felt very safe communicating my hurt feelings to her. She’s been through it too. A study was just published that found that relationships improve our odds of survival by 50%. Low social interaction is as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes per day, and twice as harmful as obesity. Spending time with friends and family is healthy and life lengthening. Isn’t that cool? So I decided to go out on Saturday night too with some friends. We went to dinner and a comedy club and had a ball. And I just got tickets to go see Elton John in Las Vegas with all my kids. At this rate, I should live a long time.

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