Lorna Doone

After radiation therapy each day, my husband Steve grabs free cookies to take home to our daughter-in-law Avery. Here are her comments:

Lorna Dune AveryFor as long as I can remember I have always been a fan of somehow sneaking, bartering, sweet talking and then somehow getting my father-in-law to give me some of his goodies…whether it be macadamia nut cookies, cookies and cream ice cream but my now favorite Lorna Doones!
  Ever since he has started going to the hospital visits for chemo, check ups and now radiation he has remembered to bring me back a package of this perfect melt in your mouth deliciousness!  I am not a fan of the circumstances of which he has been able to score freebies for his favorite daughter-in-law!
  But he will never know how much these mean to me.  Every time he hands me the yellow package I get teary eyed and just think how could someone going through so much remember to get his daughter-in-law her favorite cookies!  Now because of him they are my favorite and a memory that I will and can’t ever forget!
I love you dad!

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  1. That’s who he and Glenda are! You are also a sweetie in their lives so I am not surprised at all. What a wonderful little tradition to create!

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