Made My Day

When I got to work on Tuesday, my office partner asked how my day was going. I burst into giggling and joy. What a great morning I had! When I got up I checked my email and got a marvelous, humbling thank you note from a student. It made me cry. 
The words from the student made me feel like I was doing my  job, and making a difference. I really appreciated the student taking time to write while studying for final exams was a first priority. It’s my pleasure to teach such awesome future nurses.

u-hospitalOn the same day, while I rode the train to work I was overcome with joy thinking about my family. Seriously, I am a blessed woman. My kids and their families are awesome.  I’m sure if  anyone on the  train saw me they would think I’m a little crazy, smiling so big as I sat all alone. Then another passenger asked me if the train stopped at the University Hospital, and how he could get to the ICU. His 36-year-old cousin had a stroke that morning and was life-flighted to the University. I told him I would walk him to the information desk and they would tell him how to get to his cousin. It was on my way to my office, so it was just a small thing to help him. What struck me was how eager I was to help him. It just made me feel so good to do such a small favor. As we walked I told him that the University of Utah was the best hospital in the state and his cousin was in good hands. I hope that helped. There’s something about helping other people that just feels great! I was amazed at how it put a spring in my step and, along with the note from my student and thankful thoughts of my family, MADE MY DAY.

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