Making Memories

Glenda, Gerry, Judy, Jim

Glenda, Gerry, Judy, Jim

I had a nostalgic week. I went to see the new Star Trek movie and it made me cry! It just brought back so many  memories of growing up with Captain Kirk, and seeing all the movies with Steve. Throughout the week it seemed like every song I heard on the radio brought back vivid memories. I heard from my high school girlfriends. We’re planning to get together in Arizona in October. Then I heard from my cousin Judy, whom I haven’t seen for years and years. Mainly we just see each other at funerals. She stopped by on her way to Idaho with her husband my dear Aunt Geraldine. What a lovely, sweet memory-filled surprise. We had a great time re-connecting.

imageSpeaking of memories, I am about to create a huge one. Tomorrow morning I leave with my granddaughter for New York City then on to Europe. We’ll start in Amsterdam then on to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and France.  I’ve been getting ready for a few months now and it has finally arrived! I’ve been working hard on finding comfy shoes to wear, and the most comfortable are also the most ugly. Let’s see if I’ll have the guts to wear them. I’m not an adventurous dresser. Anyway, this trip will someday add to nostalgia as I look back on it and count it as an achieved item on my bucket list. I’m excited!

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