defense1Our son Andy defended his Master’s thesis at Brigham Young University yesterday. His presentation was at 7:00 AM!!  Yuk!  My husband Steve had serious diarrhea (caused by the radiation therapy) the day before and we were pretty sure he would not be able to come. At  5:50 AM he decided that he could make it. The drive was about an hour and we were 12 minutes late but Andy’s committee waited for us. Andy did a great job and Steve was absolutely delighted to be there. We went to breakfast afterwards and Steve really did well. It meant a lot to Andy that he was there. Since Andy won’t be coming back from Atlanta for graduation, his wife gave him a  Hawaiian Graduation Lei in honor of his finishing his Master’s Degree in Technology. We are so proud of him.

People have said that after Steve’s passing the first year will be difficult because each event will be the first time we will be without him. At each family or community event we attend now I wonder if this is the last time Steve will be there, or the last time he will see people who are there. So the last year before passing and the first year after passing have similar challenges. One of Steve’s sisters is visiting from Oregon, along with his mom. It is wonderful to have them here and we are enjoying each present moment.

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  1. Hi Glenda, Please tell Andy congratulations me! He was so smart to get his masters at a young age; I was 59 years old when I finished mine. I am so happy that Steve felt well enough to attend the wonderful day for his son! Take care of each other as always! I know you begin your new job 8/17; that is the day I return to my teaching job, I will be thinking of you! Love and prayers, Jeanne

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