I get drowsy every day after breakfast so I usually lay down and rest. Then it occurred to me that I could take advantage of this time and meditate. I have meditated for many years, sometimes regularly and sometimes not. One summer I meditated every day for an hour and i must say that was the most productive summer I have ever experienced. Emptying my mind during meditation has always come fairly easy to me. I have now meditated for 5 days and I’m having a hard time being still and empty. Weird. Today I  used a mantra, “inhale, exhale,” which worked fairly well but I still can’t say I reached an authentic meditative state. I will keep practicing.

4 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. You inspire Glenda- continued prayers for strength and healing~

    A Little Full Moon Meditation

    May all who cross your presence
    From now and ever after
    Be blessed by all you share
    In love and light and laughter-
    And when you have a moment
    When you find it hard to shine
    May your angels come embrace you
    And remind you you’re Divine~

    Jen Reich
    Phoenix, AZ 1-15-14

  2. Hi Glenda,
    Glad to hear the meditation may be working to help you relax; don’t give up! How is your dizzyness and is your hair still coming out? I will continue to keep you in my prayers; so happy you are improving daily! Love, Jeanne

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