Memory Mapping

Clark HomesI am certainly no artist, but I just learned a fantastic tool for sparking memories from long ago. This could work great for people who want to write about their personal history, or increase memory of cherished events. I call it Memory Mapping and it was taught to me by Kathy Loveless, a prominent professional speaker. Her’s how it works: Pick a time in your life and draw a map of your neighborhood. You will be amazed how many memories flood back while you are drawing the map. I chose the neighborhood I lived in when I was in 6th grade in Flagstaff, Arizona. Until I drew the map, I had completely forgotten about how I used to save my money to buy Beatles albums at the local Safeway grocery store, or how a bully followed me home from school and teased me mercilessly. I haven’t thought about my friend Debbie Street for decades, and yet her name came right up when I drew her house on the map. You can use this tool to map just one house you lived in, or maybe a place you worked. But seriously, if you want to get in touch with some memories, try this Memory Mapping, and let me know how it works for you. Have fun!

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  1. Very interesting, Glenda. Fortunately, my childhood memories are pretty vivid. I do remember the scariness of the noise on the roof at my house, but did

  2. not remember scrambling eggs. 🙂
    This blog/site is cool, Glenda. I will look forward to future postings.
    Take care,

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