Miracle Soul Healer

My husband shared a book with me called MIRACLE SOUL HEALER by William Gladstone. The author recommends what I call an affirmation for healing so I tried it after praying about it. I repeated to my eyes and brain, “Hello, I love you. You can heal yourself. Do a good job. Thanks.” I repeated this several times while I was falling asleep last night and this morning I woke up and my left eye was super swollen and my double vision was worse. So the question is whether my decrease in ability is related to the the affirmation or not. Is this just a regular part of the healing process, or a regular part of the affirmation process? Healing is a mystery. We’l see how the day unfolds…

One thought on “Miracle Soul Healer

  1. Sounds like you are on a healing path my dear and I am so glad that you can write about it and share your thoughts. Would be happy to bring Thai Bodywork to your door; very gentle and fun. Gorgeous Sunday!
    Pauline Wilder (207-975-2439)
    A Healing Space LLC
    Park City,UT

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