I haven’t been blogging much lately because I haven’t been noticing things in my life that are worth blogging about. My purpose in blogging is to talk about metaphor and meaning on my journey of  life. I’m not saying I haven’t had meaning lately. I just haven’t noticed it. I am in  Palm Springs attending the American Holistic Nurses Association annual conference and a couple of people asked me if I was OK. Since I hadn’t been blogging, they were worried. This made me think about why I hadn’t blogged lately and realized that there is meaning and metaphor all around, but I need to be intentional about discovering it. To just say, “nothing’s happening lately” really means that I have been asleep at the wheel. When this life is over I want to say I found meaning and purpose. I can only do that if I stay awake and alert.

This week the LOVE theme is alive and well. I went to a painting class where we were supposed to paint a specific picture, but I didn’t like it. So what did I paint? Just the simple word LOVE. I thought I was the only one that would paint just a word, but when I looked around, several other students wrote just one word. They also didn’t like the picture that was chosen for us to paint so they painted an inspiring word. Sometimes when we don’t like what we see, a simple word can be healing and powerful.

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