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Life is a series of twists and turns. I went to see my neuro ophthalmologist yesterday and I told her my vision is pulsing. Very distracting. She diagnosed pulsatile  exophthalmos. Seriously, that’s a real thing. The space between  my eye and my brain has been reduced by the tumor surgery so my eye can feel my brain pulsing, which results in my vision pulsing. She said the only remedy is surgery, in which they will build up a padding to get my eye away from my brain. I must say I am not looking forward to surgery #4 but if that is what it takes I’ll do it. The good news is that I have a firm diagnosis and it is treatable. This also explains why it has taken me so long to heal. The neuro ophthalmologist said that we have been waiting for my eyes to focus together, but the pulsing is really preventing that. So I was waiting (I’d like to say patiently) for something that wasn’t going to happen. So she has referred me back to  my neurosurgeon. He will order a CT scan to determine where the thinning space is located and how to approach the surgery. I will keep you posted.

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    • I don’t know the date of the surgery yet because I am waiting to hear from the neurosurgeon. The neuro ophthalmologist emailed him yesterday. He needs to order the CT scan before the surgery. I am hoping the surgery will be within the next two weeks. I want to to be all better by June for Hawaii and the AHNA conference.

  1. Glenda, It’s a good thing you are such a great patient! Hopefully this will make those beautiful eyes work the way they are supposed to! Please let us know anything you can and when the surgery will take place so we can send extra prayers! I bet you feel relieved to know what is wrong and that they can fix it! Take care and remember be love you! Jeanne in CA

  2. so sorry to hear yet another surgery is scheduled…..this is quite the journey…on going and seemingly forever

    Please let me know when the surgery will take place and know that I send you peace and light and healing and some sense of understanding of this journey

    Peace and blessings


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