More Train Wisdom

I continue learning lessons on the train. If you’ve read “Girl on a Train” it’s nothing like that. I haven’t witnessed any murders or anything. Last week a man was laughing loudly on the train. It made me smile and I looked around to see what was so funny. As I scanned the crowd I noticed that people were not smiling, they were looking concerned, scared, fed up, and other emotions I couldn’t  read. Then I thought maybe I was crazy and should act like the rest of the crowd. Yeah, I was “shoulding” on myself. I never found the source of the laughter, but I enjoyed listening to his glee, and kept smiling.

That same day I was eavesdropping on a conversation and was surprised that they were discussing an exact parenting issue I was facing. So with confidence I joined the conversation and LEARNED SO MUCH! It was an answer to a question I have been wondering about for several months. I went home and applied the advice I was given. It’s great talking to strangers.

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