Moving On

moving boxesToday I was not able to spend much time with Steve, although he was mostly sleeping. I met about 10 women at my daughter’s house and we boxed up everything to get it ready for the movers to come and put it all in storage. Then later a couple of men came over and disassembled her bed. So everything is ready for the movers. Thanks to my friends from my church who were so kind to help. My daughter is still in the hospital working out some emotional/mental health issues. She will be released when the treatment team believes she has an appropriate safety plan in place that will prevent a suicide attempt. This evening her son Marlo and I dropped her car off at the hospital so she will have it when she gets out. She doesn’t want any contact with the family….forever. She is especially mad at me because I won’t let her live with us. I just really can’t handle it right now. I am taking care of her dog, and moving, and that is enough. I know she will figure something out. She is smart and resourceful and will be able to move on.

star wars2I am planning to see Star Wars Saturday night with my son and his wife and our grandsons Marlo and Braxton. Our neighbors will come to keep an eye on Steve. In preparation, Steve, Marlo and I are watching the original three episodes. We would watch the second three episodes also, but they were just crummy and we don’t want to watch them. Tonight we watched The Empire Strikes Back and Steve fell asleep like he did for the first episode. He was acting confused all day. This is the worst he’s ever been. He is having some trouble eating. For example, he sipped on a spoon that he thought was a straw, and he spills a lot. He also asks frequently exactly where he is. I am losing him slowly and piece by piece. Today he said, once again, that he is ready to move on.

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  1. Oh my heart breaks for you Glenda/ Your daughter is getting the help she needs and you have allowed the professionals o care for her. My prayers go out to you….at this seemingly endless journey of endings and beginnings for you.
    Blessings and peace of heart…


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