Garden wind catcherMy brain MRI was “gorgeous” according to my neurosurgeon. He is taking me off anti-seizure medication and wants to see me in a year for the next follow-up. All is well in my brain. Yahoo! I took Valium to combat claustrophobia in the MRI and I did OK. They played Michael Jackson and hits from the ’80’s in my headphones. Very nice. Thanks to my friend for transporting me and waiting for me at the appointments.

Steve is feeling well and working on taxes. His urine is looking less and less bloody. Progress continues.

Once again we got “doorbell ditched.” Someone put a beautiful wind catcher in my front yard garden. I don’t know who it was. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “MRI

  1. Glenda, so happy to hear that your MRI was great; I always knew your brain was gorgeous!!
    Glad to hear Steve’s never thought I would say this “has less blood in his urine.” Love and prayers to all, Jeanne in CA

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