My Big Goal

Well, I made it through my first week back on a full-time schedule! I met with students in my new office, I went to a wonderful meeting with the board of directors of the Utah Integrative Health Alliance, and did other things a college professor should do. But mostly, I graded papers. My fatigue was manageable, so I really think I will be fine. My big goal at work is to be a voice for incorporating principles of holistic nursing into the curriculum.  I’ve been asked to develop a stress management for students across the curriculum, in every semester. So I’m reading up on mindfulness again. This week a student had an assignment to teach veterans some health promotion concepts, and she chose to teach them about relaxation and stress management because I taught it to her in first semester. That is very rewarding to me. Students seem to be very happy learning about how to manage their stress and take care of themselves, which is a holistic nursing principle. So I have made a good start and hope to continue to be an influence for holism. When I retire in a few years I would love to look back to see what was accomplished, and how future nurses have skills for relaxation and stress reduction. Fun!

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