My Mentor

EllieI’m having a great time re-connecting with fellow holistic nurses at the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) annual conference in Bonita Springs, Florida. I was fortunate to spend the morning with Ellie Slette my long time friend and mentor. She lives in Minnesota but we have stayed in touch. We served on the AHNA Board of Directors together and she was my Adviser to the President when I was the AHNA President. She and I have been through challenges together and her wisdom, patience, love and acceptance have been a huge strength to me. Having a mentor is such a wonderful blessing. It’s so nice to have someone wise to talk things through without being judged, and just totally accepted. I am a blessed woman.
nde2We watched a Near Death Experience (NDE) video at conference last night. It talked about how healthcare providers need to accept patients’ stories about being out of their bodies, with acceptance and caring. The video had examples of people who had NDE’s and were judged harshly or ignored by their care providers. I gotta say, I shared my NDE with my care providers, and they were all accepting and understanding, and interested. So I guess I’m lucky. Oh yeah, like I said in the previous paragraph: I am a blessed woman!

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