Near Death Experience Speech

Tonight I had an absolutely wonderful time presenting my near death experience at the IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies) monthly meeting. The speech itself was easy  because it took very little preparation. I just told the story of my August 2014 out-of- body near death experience. When I get a copy of the voice recording I will post it on my blog. Here’s a brief summary of the experience that I wrote about a year after it happened:

I was in a coma for two weeks following brain surgery to remove a benign tumor. My brain was swollen from the surgery and I was rushed to the OR for emergency surgery to remove some of my skull to relieve the pressure. The only thing I remember from the coma is the following. When I was taken to the OR I left my body and hovered above it as I was being rolled down the halls of the hospital. I didn’t see a light or talk to dead relatives or anything. I was alone the whole time and the lighting was dim. I felt light and joyful and free. Just floating along.  It was wonderful and I was laughing. When my body arrived in the OR, I saw what I think was a nurse sitting by my body and I turned over and put my head on her lap. She then began to scoop big black balls of dark energy out of my head. That’s all I remember. Looking back, I wonder if the nurse was an angel that was energetically healing me.

It was just so much fun talking to an audience who was genuinely interested in sharing their thoughts and questions about this fascinating topic. I felt like I was a part of something, that we all had a common interest and we shared our thoughts without judgment or concern. It was wonderful. I came home smiling and uplifted. It was also really so nice to see three of my former nursing professors in the audience, along with a nurse I used to work with and some former neighborhood friends. It’s a small world. I feel loved. How did my near death experience change my life? Probably in more ways than I realize. First, I do not fear death. Second, we are all being watched over. Angels are among us. Third, I have stopped judging others so much. What’s the point? We are all heading to a beautiful place, and we are all getting there on different journeys. Who am I to judge other people’s journeys?


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