New Chapters

For the last couple of years, I feel like I have started a new chapter in my life, getting adjusted to being single again. This “new chapter” theme appeared so many times last week, it was amazing. On the way to Salt Lake Comic Con I met a lovely young woman on the train. She found out I was a nurse and said she always wanted to be a nurse, so we talked about nursing school. She was on her way to drop out of business school because she recently divorced and it was too stressful to go to school. She needed to work on healing for herself and her 10 children.  She was starting a new chapter, and she was so brave. Then on the way home from Comic Con I met a young man who was going to the same business school as the young lady I met.  He was born in Columbia, grew up in Canada, and had just returned from a mission in Portugal. This is his first semester in college in the United States. That’s a new chapter for him. He was confident, excited and had such a positive attitude.  My cousin was with me on the train and I thought about how he is starting a new chapter because he has some symptoms of dementia. He is also very brave, but wondering what the future will hold. So here’s what I’ve been thinking about new chapters in life… They can be scary, and they can be exciting. When we begin a chapter, we don’t really know where it is going. Once we get to the end, we often review the chapter in our minds and see how things have connected, and perhaps why they happened. And we can see how much we learned by being brave and continuing to turn the pages. And now I wonder, what will the next chapter bring in my life? I’m glad to have met these people this week, because they role modeled courage in the face of change. I can be brave like them.

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