New Grandson

Andy's baby November 18 2015Steve and I are the proud grandparents of our tenth grandchild, born this morning in Atlanta, Georgia. He doesn’t have a name yet, but I’m sure he’ll have one before he starts school. Mom and baby are doing well. He is the son of our son Andy and his wife Kathryn. Their second child. Steve was really wanting to still be here when this baby was born, so that it very nice. It makes me a little apprehensive because yesterday he said he only had one more person to talk to before he dies, and he spoke with her today. He says he is ready to go, and tonight he’s “feeling a little funny.” I’m probably imagining things, because I strongly desire him to be free of suffering. I know many of the grandkids won’t remember him, but he will be watching them from the other side, free from pain. The hospice team increased his pain meds today and I hope that makes a difference. He is drowsy most of the time but even he says that’s better than being awake and alert and in pain. I go to work on campus tomorrow and I hate to leave him, but I won’t be gone long. Our grandson Marlo takes very good care of Steve when I am away. And the rest of our family visits frequently.

4 thoughts on “New Grandson

  1. You are an amazing support to everyone and I know dad loves you with us whole being regardless of how much pain he is in❤️
    I am lucky to have such amazing in laws I call mother and father and I love you both dearly.

    Love you always,
    Avery aka your fave!

    • Avery you rock. We are lucky to have you in our family. You are a great wife and mom and daughter and….

  2. Glenda, My prayers and thoughts are with you all, I have been through this situation with my husband, 19 years ago and I know this a difficult time. You want your loved one to stay with you and the family; but you don’t want them to suffer. I have been thinking of you all so much lately. My friend of 35 years just had her 4th grandchild; I thought of Ruby Rae entering this life while Steve is on his journey out of this life. I wish all of you peace and love always. Jeanne in CA

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