New Skin

Steve is still doing very well. He is tired and has some pain, but he can walk without the walker and we went out to dinner and a movie a couple of times last week. It’s nice to take a break from the downhill spiral and just do a holding pattern.

storm rosesI was pruning roses with my grandson yesterday and he said to me, “My mommy is a girl and you are a grandma.” I told him that’s right. Then he asked, “Are you going to get new skin?” I said, “No. My skin is old and wrinkly, huh?” He said yes. At that moment I remembered that life is about so much more than appearances. Getting used to wrinkly skin is easy compared to getting used to all the lessons to learn in this life. It’s quite an adventure! Although I wouldn’t mind some new skin….

Tree in Wiind2In Tai Chi class we practiced the form outside in the park. My instructor talked about doing the form against the resistance of the wind. I thought the wind could not knock me over, but then it almost did! A couple of times! He told me to look at the trees and see how they bow in the wind towards their tops but they remain steady in their trunks. I guess life is like that. We get buffeted by the winds of challenge and change and adversity but if we remain steady and grounded we will be OK. The question is what steadies and grounds us? For me it is my faith, friends and family. My husband is talking a lot lately about relationships. He says life is all about relationships. I agree. So I would say my relationship with the Savior, my friends, and my family sustains me. The wind actually feels good. It clears things up.

8 thoughts on “New Skin

  1. Been thinking about you and Steve the last little while. Del has been down with pneumonia. Glad to hear better news and your positive perspective.

  2. Glad to hear good news. And, sorry, but you can’t have wrinkly skin. You are my LITTLE sister. Saw our cousins Kathy and Susan last month and the 3 of us have wrinkles so you don’t need to get them. We will all do that for you. Love to all.

    • Well I WISH you could all take the wrinkles for me! It’s just plain weird to look in the mirror these days.

  3. Precious and beautiful notation Glenda. You say so well….how you are dealing with all of this…an d weaving in the wonderful story about your grandson and skin. My grandkids when they were about 6 or so…talked about why does Grandma have wrinkly skin and I replied that those are lines of wisdom or signs of wisdom!

  4. I’m very glad to hear that you guys are able to enjoy dinners, movies, grandchildren, the wind in the trees, each other and skin (very handy stuff!).

    Sending everyone hugs.

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