No More Anti-Aging Please

I was excited to receive my first copy of a magazine aimed at helping people to achieve healthy aging. Now that I am about to turn 60, I thought it would be the perfect magazine to help me get familiar with issues of aging. I loved the picture of Dolly Parton on the cover and began to skim the magazine from cover to cover and was happy to read about people who are 50+ and still going strong.  I must say however that the ads were disappointing. A full ten pages were devoted to women’s spring wardrobe. I was very surprised to see that the model was 20-something, gorgeous, and thin. That’s confusing. I figured that a magazine devoted to healthy aging might have models in their ads who were, well, aging! I am not a huge fan of fashion, but as I age I notice that some of my body parts are “shifting.” Wouldn’t it be great if I could find some help here? Every fashion model I see has very little resemblance to women who are aging. Honestly, I don’t even know where to shop for clothes these days. Everything I see in the stores just looks too young for me.

I’ve been watching daytime TV lately, and the same pattern has emerged. All of the fashion pieces show young people modeling clothes. It’s refreshing when the models are audience members, but seriously, the fashions are targeted to young audiences. Have we all closed our eyes to reality? There are millions of people over 50 and in the popular media, we just don’t seem to exist. And when an older model  comes on, she/he is usually talking about ANTI- AGING. There is really something off when we have a word that is AGAINST a natural life process.

All of what I am saying is not new, but I just had to say it. I am happy being my age. I’ve had many experiences, easy ones and hard ones, that have made me who I am. It is time  to honor and embrace aging, not be AGAINST it. NO MORE ANTI AGING! Enjoy my Grandma’s picture below. Doesn’t she look fabulous?Grandma's picture

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