couch potatoesFor almost 39 years now my husband Steve and I have been watching TV every night together. I hate to admit I watch that much, but I do. From Charlie’s Angels to Poldark on Masterpiece and tons of shows in between, we have enjoyed our time in front of the boob tube together. Steve has a lot of pain now when he walks so he spends his time in the bedroom, so he doesn’t have to go up and down the stairs. Well, there’s no TV in the bedroom. It is evening now and he’s reading. Since I don’t read very easily, I’m not sure what to do (so I am blogging). At least we’re together, but I’m mostly just staring at him and meditating. This is a challenge we’ll figure out. I’ve always wanted to kick the TV habit. TV isn’t exactly good for the soul. But I am not completely opposed to buying a new TV for the bedroom!

4 thoughts on “No TV

  1. Hi Glenda, I say buy a TV for the bedroom so Steve can watch his shows in comfort while he rests and you two can enjoy your favorite shows together as you have for 39 years, almost 40 (in September!). Hope family from Oregon had a wonderful visit! Love, Jeanne in CA

  2. Glenda, my husband Tom, of 42 years, and I look forward every night to a TV show or two in the living room. It is nice to step into someone else’s usually pretend story for a while. It’s a ritual of sorts for us. Your bedroom might be evolving into a Living Room, which commonly has a TV. Think about what feels good for you two. Reading and blogging will still happen. Rituals help the normalcy be found when things don’t seem normal. I bet Jen has a poem about normal…whatever that is…Candy

  3. I vote for getting a TV. I even volunteer to take you to buy one. If Steve is staying in the bedroom, he’ll need entertainment and distraction. I am heavy into the TV habit and I don’t think I’m brain dead yet. Miss you….

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