A couple of weeks ago when I drove 2.5 hours to our Reid Ranch family reunion, my 11-year-old grandson drove with me. He is delightful. Very good at engaging conversation. Very smart and creative. We talked the whole time. On the way home he asked if he could play a video game in the car. I said OK. Well, gone was the pithy conversationalist. He was in his own world. This comes as no surprise of course. But I was surprised that even when he put the game down, he still was not talking. And if I asked him to answer my phone when it rang, her would say, “Just a minute.” It is hard to put into words the transformation that occurred when he played the video game. It’s like the real him went into hiding. The opportunity to bond and get to know each other better evaporated. I am not judging him, just making an observation. And a new rule: No technology while riding with Grandma! Or as I call it, Notendo.  (Get it? Nintendo with a NO at the beginning…No Nintendo).

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