Nurse on a Train

Sometimes things seem like they were just meant to happen. This morning as I waited to catch the train to the University of Utah (U of U) campus, I struck up a conversation with a nurse who takes care of stroke patients at the U of U Hospital. We didn’t sit by each other on the train, but all the way to campus I kept thinking that I should ask her if she could recommend a rehab neurologist for me. I’d like to follow up with a neurologist regarding my fatigue and tingling toes. When the train stopped I asked her my questions and she gave me her name and said to call her. After teaching class this afternoon I gave her a call and we talked for about 45 minutes. She gave me so many great tips and advice. Thanks to her, when I see my neurosurgeon next week, I have a list of questions to ask him, which will include requesting him to refer me to a neurologist. I will talk to the neurologist about trying some medicine that helps fatigue. The nurse on the train was great. She listened intently, had valuable advice and insight, and has given me a new perspective on my recovery. She said compared to most of her patients, I am doing phenomenally well. I am so glad I ran into her. What are the odds of that? I’m glad I’m so friendly. She was standing right next to me, and if I hadn’t said hello I would have missed this great opportunity. How cool is that?? And on top of that, I teach nursing students how to do what she did for me today – she cared and she made a difference. Nurses rock.

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