One Hour at a Time

clock1We are taking one day at a time and today is not the best. We may have to switch to taking one HOUR at a time. Steve is having great difficulty urinating, and just feels crummy.  He insisted on attending church for a few minutes this morning, which he did. He has taken a couple of naps already and it is not yet 2:00 PM. He hasn’t eaten and I have made his favorite bran muffins to entice him. I still feel that we are in a race to radiation and I hope he will feel well enough tomorrow morning to go to his first radiation treatment. A nurse friend of mine said she will come to insert a urinary catheter if it  comes to that. That would be better than going to the ER. But I hope it won’t come to that. This is all getting so real. I find it so hard to watch him suffer. This is getting harder…

In the midst of this I have friends and family gathering around. I know they would do anything for us and I so appreciate it.

4 thoughts on “One Hour at a Time

  1. So sorry to hear of Steve’s suffering and your having to endure it with him. What a blessing you are doing this together. Doesn’t make it easier, I know, but neither of you are having to do it alone. We keep you in our prayers and love both of you and the whole family so much.

  2. Dear Glenda, I missed you at AHNA conference and now I know where you were. I didn’t know anything about the last year for you all……Today sounds like a day very waited for, to help. The word flow came to me as I read your entry today. Urine flow, time flow, go with the flow, flowing streams, flowing rivers, energy flow, flowing thoughts, flowing dance, flowing gown,…….I hope it speaks to you along the flow of life. Love sent. Candy Moore

    • So good to hear from you Candy! I hope you are well. Thanks for the lovely, FLOWING words. When I go to tai chi class today I will work on the flow of my movements and have that symbolize my life right now. Brilliant.

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