Our Health Care System

CT ScanI accompanied my husband this morning while he got a CT scan for kidney stones. It was a reversal of roles, since he is the one that has accompanied me to lab tests for over 7 months now. While we were in the waiting room, a woman was told that her insurance would not cover her imaging test so she decided not to get it done. I hope it was not a life-threatening problem she was having. I felt bad for her and her husband. They were very disappointed but had no intention of getting the test if it wasn’t covered. Our health care system is pretty messed up. Insurance companies are overriding care provider decisions. The woman was advised to talk to her physician about the test cancellation, but what can be done if the insurance  company thinks they are smarter than her physician? I am on COBRA and it  costs almost $2000 per month to keep it. I just do not want to get a new policy that will most likely have a high deductible. However, when I get well I will probably switch and take my chances. Health and healing are mysterious, and so is our health care system.

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