Pain Managed

Steve saw his pain management provider yesterday and is now on different and more powerful pain meds. He did well today on them but has not been feeling well this evening. Nausea mostly, along with “wooziness.” He has to be careful to not let much time pass between doses of pain meds, or the pain gets bad. We read his CT scan results, and it looks like the cancer has spread to lungs, bones (hip, pelvis, and cervical spine), liver, kidney and penis. We didn’t know about the kidney until we read the report ourselves. Perhaps the oncologist mentioned it but we did not think so. Steve still holds out hope for a “radical remission.” He is taking some alternative remedies and is receiving acupuncture regularly, and I perform Healing Touch on him.

We’ve been watching old comedies (Everybody Loves Raymond, Frazier) every night lately. It’s nice to end the day together with laughter.

I just found out that one of my favorite nursing instructors has bone cancer. She made a big difference in my life and I hate to see her suffer. Stupid Cancer!! It seems to be everywhere lately.

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