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I did it! After asking for guidance from my program chair, I went to my department chair and requested to go part time at work, due to my health. Both chairs were very kind, understanding, and both said they wanted to keep me as a faculty member, and if all I could give was part time, they could live with that. I felt appreciated, understood, heard, and loved. It was great. We decided to drop one course next semester, so I will teach only 2 courses. I feel good about the decision, but guilt also comes up, because I am not fulfilling my original promise to teach 3 courses. When I told my co-teacher of the dropped course, she was very disappointed. I feel bad about that and told her I was so sorry. And now this weekend the guilt is really getting to me. I thought perhaps I could lecture in that dropped course but not do the grading. I think I could handle that. But I made a good decision and why am I second guessing? If I start volunteering to help out, before I know it I will be working full time but getting paid for part time! And on top of that, I have been thinking that I will miss the full-time money. Stop! Health is more important than money! And to be realistic – I feel terrible. The post-viral syndrom has hit my lungs and it hurts to breathe. At church today I talked to my Bishop and he gave me a priesthood blessing so I could feel grounded and clear about this. And a hallway discussion at church with a wonderful woman ended in her saying it’s obvious I should go part time and take care of myself, so I could keep on dancing.  That was so helpful. Seemingly small conversations often make big differences and help me make decisions. Thanks to all the great people who surround me.


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  1. Hi Glenda,
    Is always a tough decision when the best decision for ourselves isn’t always enthusiastically cheered by others. I know that from my own experience when I sold the building I had for my Women’s Center–when the time was right for me to do that. However, please remember it is OK for others to have their feelings without you needing to do anything different with your decision. Take care. Cheers and congrats for making the decision you needed to make!!

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