Patience, Experience, Hope

Getting ready to take my husband Steve to his oncologist this morning. He is nauseated and tired, but still committed to chemotherapy #3 on Monday. I am hoping he has a good weekend.

So many people ask about Steve, followed up with a question about how I am doing. Some say this is unfair, that I must have some bad days, and that I must be worried sick. I assure people that I am fine. Really. I don’t feel that this is unfair. Illness and trials are a part of life. I’m learning. I found a scripture last night that applies: We glory in tribulations…knowing that tribulation worketh patience; and patience, experience, and experience, hope (Romans 5:3,4). OK I’m not exactly “glorying” in this tribulation, but I am developing patience and I am learning a lot. I don’t really have bad days and I’m not worried. I am filled with hope. I appreciate people asking about me. It shows that we understand that when one family member falls ill it affects the whole family. Thanks to all.

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