Patience Just Keeps on Happening

Garden with tree“Patience is not the ability to wait but how we behave while we’re waiting” (Joyce Meyer).

I decided to plant a vegetable garden this year. Working in the yard is increasing my stamina and energy so I figure a vegetable garden will be good for my health in many ways, including my spiritual health. I hired our friend a contractor to build a fence around the garden so the dog won’t be able to eat the plants. He started the job 2 weeks ago and it’s been raining ever since. When a sunny day happens along, I choose not to plant because of the dog and the sogginess of the dirt. So once again, I need to be patient. I find myself complaining, and worrying that I will be planting too late and won’t harvest on time. Weeds are now growing in the garden. Seems like everywhere I look I am being taught about patience. The garden is like my life: I have certain expectations and they aren’t happening in a timely manner! But I choose to behave and think positively. When I see weeds coming up in the garden, I pull them. When I see weeds coming up in my life, like negative thoughts, I pull them. When I look at the garden I see the possibilities and remember how beautiful and bountiful it will be. I need to do the same thing with my life. The rain will pass and spring will come and the harvest will be wonderful.

One thought on “Patience Just Keeps on Happening

  1. Your picture of the garden area is beautiful. The green expanse of grass, the white picket fence, the flowering bush in the corner, the way the trunk of the tree frames the scene. It’s beautiful just as it is.

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