Peace and Calm

Each morning in Palm Springs I stepped out of my hotel room and was instantly on a field of grass and surrounded by beautiful lush green plants in the middle of the desert. For three mornings in a row I practiced Tai Chi on a grassy little hill, right across the path from a duck pond and golf course. Since the temperature was in the 100’s in the afternoon, I got up early when it was still cool and peaceful. On the third day, as I was doing the gentle movements, a duck waddled right out of the pond and came to rest on the grass just a few feet away from me. I kept thinking he must be crazy because he (or she) doesn’t know me and I might be a dangerous human. The duck watched my movements and stayed until I was finished and then waddled back across the path and into the pond to join his paddling buddies.

I’ve given this a lot of thought and wonder if the duck was attracted to my calm yet determined energy. I am very often attracted to people with peaceful, calm energy (like Ellie Slette).   I like being around them. It’s like peace is contagious and I want some. Things slow down around peaceful people and gives me time to think and ponder and learn. Was I exhibiting calm energy and peace? I would like to think so, because that’s a goal I have – to be peaceful and calm. I like the saying by A. J. Mustre: “There is no way to peace; peace is the way.”  Or the duck was just crazy…


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