So last night we met with a funeral planner. It was hard at first, but in the end we feel it is best to get everything planned and paid for. Steve is working on his obituary now because we heard that it is best to write your own. I will work on mine too. Interestingly, there are huge price differences in cemetery plots. We chose a cheap one, and took a little tour today. The longer we talk about it, the easier it gets. And having it all planned really takes some concerns off our plate.

Steve is doing well with radiation, although he finally had to have a urinary catheter placed because he was having trouble urinating. Thank goodness I know a nurse who was happy to come over and insert it. I just really couldn’t do it myself to my own husband. Hopefully he will only have it in for a few days. Apparently the radiation can cause some temporary swelling so we hope that will go down and he can urinate comfortably again.

I went to radiation with Steve this morning. Afterwards, we went out to breakfast and ran errands. It was just like a normal day. Nice.

5 thoughts on “Planning

  1. Sending love your way Glenda. You are truly amazing, and a continual source of inspiration, and a shining example of courage, faith, compassion, and how to Be.



  2. Facing all that you have faced my dear Glenda and you still seem to find some sense of normalcy in all of this. You and your husband and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Doesn’t making and completing those final arrangements bring the blessing of peace. It is a peace we didn’t know we were missing. It is also such a blessing for the children who who are now free to feel what they feel without dealing with the difficult details.
    All our love and prayers are with you all.

  4. Prayers and positive thoughts for the two of you. You both are made of steel to be able to work thru this process. Having never been in you shoes I want to believe I could handle it with as much strength and faith as you are.



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