Playing the Waiting Game

phone talkingI am once again playing the patient waiting game. I am waiting for my neurosurgeon’s office to receive an email from my neuro ophthalmologist recommending a CT scan followed by surgery. My neuro ophthalmologist said if I don’t hear from the neurosurgeon to give her a call. How long do I wait? Since I saw her on Friday, I will wait until tomorrow. That’s 4 business days. I’ll call the neurosurgeon’s office to get the ball rolling. Wish me luck. A successful phone call depends on the availability of the neurosurgeon’s staff. My prediction is that I will continue the waiting game even after I make the call. So I will be proactive and envision total success on the call, which will mean the CT scan will be ordered and I’ll have an appointment made with the neurosurgeon. I am going to only focus on a positive outcome for this leg of the journey.

7 thoughts on “Playing the Waiting Game

  1. Glenda,
    Good idea with the postivie outlook! You are learning what it is to be patient and be a patient! Ha!Ha! Be proactive, all soon and let us all know! Love, Jeanne in CA

  2. Wishing you all the healing you are hoping for with this surgery. Sending loving thoughts and energy!

  3. Oh Glenda, I have played this Doctor’s office/insurance waiting game. It takes determination. I recommend taking notes on dates you call, who you talked to & what they said. Also, while you are waiting on hold, read a good book or work on something to take your mind off the annoyance of waiting. And mostly just breathe…. Sending positive thoughts.

    • Thanks for the tips Carol. I will take notes on calls I make and receive. So far so good, but this process can get stalled at any point.

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