Playing with Drugs

KeppraMy neurosurgeon told me to play with the dosage on my seizure prevention medicine, Keppra, so I did. I went from taking it 4 times a day to taking it twice a day. Nice try, but basically a failure. I had two “pre-seizure events” at work and I am now back to taking it 4 times a day. Wow am I drowsy! But I appreciate the neurosurgeon being flexible and willing to personalize my treatment. We all have different tolerances and reactions to different drugs. As for me, I can’t seem to get used to the drowsiness side effect. I think that should have gone away by now, but we’ll see. Whenever I talk to people I want to sit down or lean on a wall. And if I sit down too long, like when watching a movie, I get bored and super sleepy. So I will keep moving.

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    This doesn’t exactly relate to today’s post, but it relates to what you are doing… The process you are moving through. Actually it relates to all of us.

    Anyway I love it. And going through hard things requires we live on a higher level, even when we don’t want to. (Unless we are ok with wasting the experience… I’m not ok with it.) I’ve spent too much time this year wasting my experience. I’m glad you are sharing. Once again you are a good part of my life.

    • Yeah, living on a higher level is always my goal and this little tumor has invited me to step up. Thanks for your words of wisdom about not wasting this experience. Seems to me also that if I waste an experience I will have another one and another one until I wake up to the opportunity. So now my goal is to learn as much as I can so I won’t have to have a repeat.

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