Positive Posing

A few days ago I watched a fascinating video on www.Ted.com by Amy Cuddy about how our body language shapes who we are. She says that standing in a “power pose” makes us feel confident and others perceive us as authentic, even when we aren’t feeling confident or authentic. Well I was really impressed with this and decided to try it out. There are two very easy power poses to do. One is the “Wonder Woman” pose – hands on hips and straight posture. The other one is the victory pose – arms overhead and hands outstretched. Like Rocky Balboa. I showed the power poses to my 17-year-old grandson and asked him to pose for 2 minutes before going to school. Then I asked him to notice throughout the day any time that he was using a closed body position. When that happened he would then open up his posture. I asked him to notice if anything changed for him that day. Well, when he got home he said that more people than usual said hi to him and talked to him. He found this very interesting because he didn’t talk more than usual himself. He just focused on using confident body language. Hard to believe? Watch the video!

I talk a lot about positive thinking. Now I think I will add some Positive Posing!

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  1. Glenda,
    I love it! Positive posing. I just read something this week about confidence, body posture, and creating our own successes. Thank you for sharing the story of your grandson. This is an awesome example of confident posture in action. I am going to try this during this weekend. I have a family wedding- which is fine… I know the family members. But sometimes I get shy around new people. Let’s see if this helps me feel comfortable in conversations. I also have been desiring to offer some programs in my community, but scared of approaching the business owners/community members. Another great space for me to practice and try it out! Thank you for these ideas!!
    Have a healthy day,

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