Positive Thinking about “Problems”

ProblemIn Steve Chandler’s book Time Warrior  he suggests that instead of calling difficult things “problems” we call them “projects.” This is a great positive thinking strategy. Some say we should call our problems “opportunities for growth.” I agree with that. I have been using the word “challenge” instead of “problem” and that works well for me. In fact, I rarely use the term “problem.” Using proactive words tells our  mind, body and soul that we are ready to act on the project, or challenge or opportunity for growth. Calling it a problem on the other hand doesn’t have the urgency of the other terms, and may lead to negative thinking and lack of doing something about it. Which may lead to more “problems.” When I think of a problem, that’s what I do about it – I thin about it. When I think of a challenge or project, it is hard to just sit and think about it – those words spur me to action. So maybe next time we talk to someone about their so-called problem, we can ask, “What’s your project?” or “What’s your challenge?” Or even, “Hey, what’s your opportunity for growth?” Good luck with that!

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