Positive Thinking or Positive Questioning?

Question MarkAbout a month ago I read The Secret Code of Success by Noah St. John. He talks about saying affirmations in the form of a question. So I started asking myself questions like, “Why am  I so healthy?” and “Why am I so thin?” It felt good. Then a few days ago  I re-read The Central Question by Demerest and Schoof. Now whenever I need to make a decision I ask myself what I should do for the greatest net value. For example, when I want to eat junk food or overeat, I ask myself , “what can I do right now to create the highest net value?”  I also strike a “power pose” (see my Positive Posing blog) when asking myself the question. And very interestingly, I am not eating as much. I’ve done this for a few days and not only do I feel better about myself in general, but my appetite has decreased. Awesome! The more I read about and learn about positive thinking, the more tools I can put into use that will work for me. Using positive questions instead of positive affirmations, along with the Power Poses have really worked for me.I am happier and healthier. Why am I so blessed? (Get it? That was a positive question).

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