Pot Luck

24th wardIn  July 1985 Steve and I and our 3 kids moved into our first purchased home on Twilight Circle in Kearns, Utah. A month later we had our fourth child in the upstairs bedroom with the help of a midwife and several new found friends. We lived in Kearns for 12 years and made lasting friendships. Seems like just about everyone in the neighborhood was about our age, with young children to raise. We went to church together, Boy Scouts, school events, and had lots of fun. There was always someone around who understood what we were going through an was willing to listen. One by one most of us moved out of Kearns but we have kept in touch through the past 30 years. Many of these friends attended Steve’s funeral and while there planned a get-together. We all gathered for a pot luck dinner last night and had a great time catching up. Steve would be delighted to know we met as a result of meeting at his funeral. We all have so much in common still: Grandchildren, retirement, health issues. And oh how we laugh!  Four in the group have passed on so we figured they were probably having a pot luck in Heaven together. I am so blessed to have wonderful, caring friends. I feel so loved and supported whenever we see each other. Life is good.

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