Power Point Slides

Here is the PowerPoint Presentation from my Using Your Mind to Optimize Healing  presentation at the University of Utah Integrative Healing Conference April 11, 2013. The book list is on the last slide.

2 thoughts on “Power Point Slides

  1. Hi Glenda,
    Pat e-mailed me your blog, I have never been a fan of the computer, but I am learning, we are never too old to learn, right? I have given your blog address to a few close friends, they are praying for you as well. You are in my thoughts, I know you will be fine, you are a strong and positive person. I love you my dear long time friend, Jeanne

  2. Hi Glenda,

    Just thinking of you and wondering how your sore throat is; hope you are better so surgery doesn’t have to be postponed. When you have a chance please post a short blog and let off of us know. Love & prayers, Jeanne

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