bedMy husband Steve is experiencing a physical decline but mentally and spiritually things are happening. He spends his days in bed now. He is often caught up in delusions that make no sense to me but they  make sense to him. I don’t mind because if he is having a delusion or sleeping, he is out of pain. He says today he saw people getting ready for him to join them on the other side. He doesn’t recognize any of them but they are kind and busy preparing. He thinks he will leave soon, perhaps within a week. The hospice nurse says at this stage many people are right about when they will die. She estimates he probably has about 2-4 weeks left. I hope he goes fast so he can quit suffering and join the celebration waiting for him in Heaven. I will miss him but I know he will be having a great time where he’s going, and we will meet again.

5 thoughts on “Preparing

  1. Hi Glenda, My heart goes out to you, Steve and your family. I will keep you all in my prayers as always; and especially that Steve is in no pain. Kiss Steve good-bye for me. Love, Jeanne in CA

  2. I am thinking of you all and sending love everyday. Steve, you are such an inspiration, thank you for allowing us all on your amazing journey. I appreciate it with my whole heart. You have such a sweet soul apparent in all the pictures I have seen. Please know that you are teaching profound things with every day. You are a wonderous stone that has been cast into this pond of life. The ripples you are creating will spread far and wide, never really ending.
    In Gassho,

  3. Left a message on your phone. Love the photo. I love you all. Family is everything and you are mine. I am ready to come if you want or need me. So glad I was able to talk to Steve a couple weeks ago. I pray daily that you both suffer little and feel love much.

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