Prison Delusion

jail barsThis morning when I woke up  I found my husband Steve sitting on the side of the bed. When I asked him what he was doing he said he was trying to figure out what category his urine should be in. He went on to say that he was in prison, and “whoever ‘they’ are want my urine but I’m not sure why. He said that if he doesn’t stay in line with other prisoners and hand over his urine  he will be in trouble. He described more details than I am sharing, but he was convinced he was in prison. Now, I had a choice:  Get wigged out over this and feel sad, or I could just go with it and not get upset. At first I laughed along with his story. Then I thought how inappropriate it was to enjoy my husband’s obvious mental aberration. So I chose to get sad over the whole thing. After about a minute I decided that whether I was feeling positive or negative would not change Steve’s delusion, but would have a strong effect on my own wellbeing. So I quit judging myself, and went back to enjoying his narrative. When he finished, he asked me if it all made sense. At that moment I remembered what I learned in nursing school: Don’t join the delusion. So I told him that no it did not make sense. We were at home, not in prison. He disagreed with me, but I felt like I did the right thing as he lay down and drifted back to sleep. When I got home this afternoon he said he is living in two worlds and sometimes gets them mixed up. He vaguely remembered the morning’s prison story. And now he’s been sleeping for a couple of hours. I like it when he sleeps because I know he feels no pain for awhile. I hope when he wakes up he will be living in the same world I am in, but I will go with the flow. Whatever happens, we can do this.

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  1. My dear Glenda you are such a great soul !!! Doing and saying and even blogging all the beauty in the earthly truth of it all. Sending love and you know that I am not far out here in Park City. Would love to help out. Blessing your day. Pauline Wilder

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